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The Pricing Guide

After going live with the Professional Child Photographer FAQ site in 2007, I began receiving email after email from photographers thanking me for offering up the resource.  Out of curiosity I would sometimes go to their website(s) and noticed that their pricing wasn’t in line with a custom photography/boutique photography model.   It worried me that even the photographers that were using this as a resource didn’t quite “get” what they should be doing to be running as a profitable business.  It was no wonder they weren’t feeling appreciated by their clients, I don’t even think they appreciated what they were doing and the time it was taking to do it!

I noticed this same phenomenon during my mentorship sessions and during workshops.  In my day to day interactions I see that new photogs worry about it, established photogs worry about it.  Not only what effect it has on the individual but what the cheapening effect does to our industry.  The simple truth is that when new photographers (and established ones) come in and charge inappropriately it throws us all off. Pricing is all too often shrouded in confusion and uncertainty.

That was the impetus for creating this guide.  It touches upon some less fun subjects like business planning and researching ones’ market – but it gives enough information with real life scenarios (from what I’ve read by other photogs and heard at my mentoring and workshop sessions).    I created the guide to be easily accessible in terms of cost and helps demystify pricing a bit.  The pricing guide is being offered for an affordable $49.95 download.  Click the images to view a small excerpt from the guide.


The $49.95 you spend on the pricing guide is a small price to pay for the most beneficial advice you will ever receive as it relates to pricing and profit.  Part of the profits of this pricing guide go to the further development of the Professional Child Photographer FAQ.  Please allow several hours to a full day to receive your download link after payment is received & processed.

If you’re interested in other stuff relating to photography (actions, mentoring, etc.),  please check out my photographer mentoring and resource site at