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For Photographers

I hereby give photographers permission and encourage you all to grab excerpts WITH proper credit and linkage to the Professional Child Photographer Consumer Guide web site.  For ease of crediting us we have provided this blurb you can simply cut & paste:

This article was written by Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography and can be found at the Professional Child Photography site at

Again you are welcome to take an excerpt WITH proper credit to the author and this site.  Any violations of this will be considered a copyright violation and are subject to the full extent of the law.

Learn more about why this site was created

Ultimately this resource was created with you, the professional children’s and family photographer in mind.

In early 2007 a series of articles had been published that made myself and other photographers bristle a bit at the loose terminology and assumption of those articles that becoming a photographer takes little more than a wish and a dSLR camera. I felt that these articles overlooked the obvious hard work, education and research as well as business savvy that it takes to run a successful business of any sort and was a failure to research what it takes to preserve and create memories for families in a long term sustainable business model. Inspired by the DWF’s Wedding Photography FAQ, I desired to create a similar resource for the education of consumers of child and family photography.

The aforementioned articles made it seem that the business of photography was little more than a part time work from home gig that only bored women undertake “to make extra money”, making what I and hundreds of other talented, dedicated professional photographers do seem too easy and too replicable. Those articles propelled me to finally  DO SOMETHING to educate the public about what it is that we do to create timeless pieces of photographic art for their homes.

As a working professional photographer that works both on location and in the studio setting I know that photography isn’t simply pointing and shooting. I do not just march into a home or into any given situation and take “pretty pictures”.  There is much time and skill involved with photographing families and children.  I am a jack of all trades in many ways: I work with a diverse base of clients utilizing child psychology strategies to interact with children and have had to cultivate those skills alongside the skills needed to create consistent photography work with a wide range of quality product offerings for my clients.   In the span of a few moments of presession “get to know my clients” I spend time 1) assessing the light, 2) assessing the dynamics within the family structure, 3) assessing the environment in which we will be photographing and 4) all the other assessments that are needed to work with children.  These are skills that are not easily achieved, nor do I believe everyone is capable of. Connecting with your subject(s) is  a skill not every one, including every photographer, possesses. Couple these assessments with the technical know how of your camera and equipment:  today’s photographer makes a sizable investment in time and money to create photographs that have meaning and that truly stop time.

As a photographer you understand the hard work, the perserverence, the dedication and the long long hours that business ownership requires. Clicking the shutter and composing a decent picture is NOT rocket science but understanding all the fundamentals, knowing the rules, when to break them and having the boldness to create something timeless…that requires extreme dedication and a desire to excel at business. Digital SLRs, aka “the digital revolution”, are here to stay. In many ways this new market of a greater number of photographers has pushed us to be better than ever. This is utimately best for the consumer and I see the future as the cream rising to the top. With vested interest in my own business and as an advocate for the true professional child photographer, I have struggled with what direction to pursue my business and to pursue my own mission in this profession.

I can only hope that this guide will help some of my fellow photographers in guidance and in helping their clients/potential clients make the right choice for their families. I know that many of us are struggling with educating the public and I hope that ultimately, this website can be used as a resource. Please feel free to use excerpts or refer clients and potential clients to this site. It was created for you and for them and in the coming weeks I hope to add even more content to this site.

Also please check out the new Photographers Pricing Guide that is being offered at introductory pricing.

Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, ideas for articles, etc. to take under consideration.